Ted Walker

I have experienced Ms. Brown?s facilitation style and it is incredible! She connects with the group in a very unique and personable way. I was fortunate to have scheduled her to present at Wilson Commencement Park in 2014 and she did an excellent job! The Residents enjoyed the workshop and gained some very valuable insights and information. I would highly recommend Ms. Brown for your event/group/seminar.
Ted Walker,

Ashley (28)

I received financial, mental, emotional and spiritual guidance from Delbra Brown and it has changed my entire life. She helped me restructure my life, my finances,she helped me take a serious look at my situation and map a plan of success to complete my goals. I learned how to better manage, invest , and save my money, and I also learned how to be confident in what i was making, while working to make much more. Her advice is always genuine, confidential, and her support and resources are ENDLESS. She is an amazing life coach, financial adviser and a leader. I recommend EVERYONE to set some time to allow her to help you map a plan to reach your goals as well.

Karis Brown (26)

I have also taken the 80/20 challenge and it first helped me identify what my needs are and what I?m looking for in a relationship. It then taught me how to communicate and get my needs met within a relationship without expecting perfection. I have seen my perspective and outlook on dating and relationships change after taking this workshop. This has also truly blessed me and helped me in my relationships.

Shay Marquis (32)

I took the 80/20 challeng. During that time I learned some great dating tips. I would recommend the challenge for anybody needing some extra coaching in the department of love and life. The service that was provided was more than helpful it was AMAZINGLY BENEFICIAL!!! I was able to walk away feeling more confident and in control of my finances. The advice made me feel capable of making wise decisions when it came to financial security to benefit my present and future. Ms. Delbra Brown aided in a positive change in my life. The emotional support she provides lets one know she truly cares about the betterment of any individual. Since my meeting with her I have felt more confident filing taxes, my budgeting and any financial endeavors. As I am planning to start my family, I keep this amazing woman, her inspirational PowerPoints and testimonial story in mind so that I too can over come and provide to the best of my abilities for my home.


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