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Friendship or Dating? Know the Difference!

Now that you discovered the personal areas you need to work on to establish healthy, happy friendships, you are ready for the next phase. The Dating Game!datingorfriends

The rules of engagement are the same and different. You should first learn how to be friendly with others and how to have friends (especially the ones you are not attracted to). This type of relationship gives you the opportunity to get to know them better. They should be people you can just hang out with and have a good time, while not dealing with the pressures of a physical attraction. You never know, this friend could be the person that introduces you to the man of your dreams. Learn how to establish healthy friendships with the opposite sex by setting boundaries and establishing a friendship/dating checklist. Follow the ingredients outlined to help you transition your friendships into? meaningful, healthy relationships!


Healthy Ingredients for Cake Pops!

  1. Establish Platonic Friendships with the opposite sex.
  2. Take the CakeChronicles.com Friendship Checklist.
  3. Know if He/She qualify to be more than just “Friends”


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Cup Cake – We’re Dating/Relationship

cupcakeIf you?re dating or in a relationship, we call you? a ?Cup Cake?. Your relationship is sweet and personal just like cup cakes. At this stage, things start to arise like ex-girlfriend(s) issues, baby momma drama, financial concerns or you see they have some addictions but you?re too ?In love? to believe anything is wrong with him, so you just ignore the signs. The cupcake stage is the time to assess your relationship and determine whether you should ?Fight? or ?Flight?. This is the ?playing house? version or prelude to the next stage.

Ingredients for Cup Cakes

  1. Take the 80/20 Relationship Challenge to ensure you don’t bring “issues” into your relationship and you know
    what triggers create an unhealthy relationship for you!
  2. Then take the Single (Cake Pop) Seminar to be sure?he/she deserves to be in a relationship with you