Singles (Cake Pop) Seminar

This is the time in your life when you are not in a committed relationship, but you might have male friends or guys you are just hanging out with. This should be the relaticakepop1onship ?Interview Stage.? Things are new and exciting during this stage, so enjoy the fizz while you can. Just like soda fizzes out and goes flat, the bubbly feeling is short lived and, in most cases, either you or he loses interest quickly. However, if you want the relationship to move on to the next stage, you’ll have to learn how to apply the Cake Pop Principles to your life. Saying that you are “Ready to Mingle” should not equate to “I’m ready for intimacy!” If you really want to find out if a man wants you, don’t be intimate with him. That will be your first indication if he wants you or not. If intimacy is all he?s looking for, he will not be around for long. There are so many other women willing to give it up, he will be happy to move on, because he will already have a buffet of other options to choose from. Don’t be an option on his dating buffet.

Don’t be attracted to the person just because they “look” good. Attraction is like icing on a cake. It looks good, may even taste good, but is NOT good for you. If you have a history of troubled relationships, once you’ve walked through the 80/20 Challenge and then applied the ingredients outlined for Cake Pops, you are going to find yourself in a new world of options and possibilities. Dating will be fun, because you?ll already know he is not gonna get “it.” Clink Clink! Like Madea would say, ?Make them earn it because once you’ve given it up, you can’t take it back!? You will stand the course to ensure he deserves to be with you which in turn will help you establish a deeper connection with someone that is not based on sex, intimacy or even physical attraction!

Ingredients for Cake Pops:

? Make sure you take the Cake Chronicles 80/20 Relationship Challenge!

? An overview of the tools a single person need to establish a long lasting, loving relationship based on the 80/20 Relationship Challenge.


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