Crumz Snatcher

Crumz Snatcher Side Chick

Why Be a Crumz Snatcher?

Anyone who settles for being the ?Jump Off?, “Pop Off”, ?THOT?, Loops, Swoops, ?Side Chick?, “Mistress” or ?The Other Woman?, we consider you a Crumz Snatcher. I realize this is a situation that no woman really wants to be in. He told you she’s not making him happy, he says he’s going to leave. But the time just hasn’t come. But when you settle for less than what you deserve, and you are willing to disrupt another woman?s household and family, then you?re just plain Crumz. I have to be honest and respect the fact that there are some women who were able to be the “other woman” and he finally left his wife or situation for her. Many times men do not have other women because they are unhappy. Many times, they do not realize their love language is physical touch and they substitute sex for physical connection. Women mistakenly believe he’s with her because he really wants her when 9 times out of 10, he’s only there for sex. Nothing more, nothing else. He loves his children and even the relationship he has with his wife. He just wants to fool around. There have been many hearts and families torn because of the challenges and pain that adultery brings to the equation for all parties involved. If you are a Crumz Snatcher, then you should check out this book I found online. It really sounds like a great book written by a woman who was also a Crumz Snatcher – “the other woman”. Then you should do some soul searching asking yourself is he really worth the headache, heartache and hastle?

Why are you Settling?

The reason women settle for being a Crumz or find themselves getting out of Crumzy situation is?because they didn’t have the MEMO that was posted here. Many people find themselves dealing or having dealt?with a?relationship (s) that challenged or caused them?to feel out of control. Whether the individual is a family member, a close friend, a coworker, or an acquaintance, we have been unclear about how to?bring a sense of calm and balance to the relationship. You may be struggling with getting them to give you more of their?time,?they are?depending on you for support,?they?need?money from you. The list goes on and on and on. Whatever the need or reason, you feel compelled to help them resolve the issue, and with all the other things in your?life, their issues/or?demands can throw your life?off balance. When your life feels like it?s out of control, you find yourself wondering how in the world did you get there?? There are two metaphors that will help you understand how you got there:

The Boiling Frogfrog2

In the boiling frog story, a frog finds itself in a frying pan of water on a stove. If you gradually increase the heat or intensity of its surroundings it won?t jump out but stay right there; continually adapting and adjusting its sensitivity until finally it succumbs to the temperature and dies. Just like this frog, we have unknowingly found ourselves adapting and adjusting our emotional and physical sensitivity to our unhealthy situations and surroundings;?compromising and justifying our actions or the actions of others all for the sake of “love”.?How far are we willing to go before enough is enough?


Ingredients for Crumz Snatchers!

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