Pre-Marital (Cake) Seminar

You got the ring, because they wanted to be serious and build a life with you. Great ingredients produce great cakes! Just like your marriage. If marriage is what you want, then never feel afraid to tell them that. A relationship celebrity once said you have to make them believe you are worth ?Changing For?. The good ones sustain the test of time because they learned how to master all of the ingredients. If they don’t, then they have to move on to the last dreadful stage.?Many people believe that once you?re married, the hard work is over. You got the ring and the man. However, that is when the real work begins! Understanding the reasons for divorce requires you to suspend any preconceived notions about why they happen and to be prepared in advance. Many people mistakenly believe that most marriages end almost exclusively because of infidelity. While this certainly is a major factor, the decision to terminate a marriage is much more complicated.

Researchers find the time frame for couples to experience challenges in their marriage are:
? 2- 4 years communication challenges arise
? 5-7 years due to high conflict
? 10-12 years due to loss of intimacy and connection

Getting married is a big deal, that is why it is important to follow this list of important topics to discuss before marriage. Covering these topics will ensure that you and your future husband have an understanding of what each of you want for the future. This list covers everything from children to money to who?s doing the dishes Friday night.With over 100+ questions to discuss before your big day, let me help you both prepare for a wonderful life after you say I Do!

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