Parenting/Blended Families Seminar

Establishing healthy family dynamics and coping with the unique family dynamics exist for Parents and children in both Blended and Single family households. Members in the family may at times feel a bit scrambled. Healthy Family workshops are designed for parents who desire to set the groundwork prior needed to be equipped to handle and address the issues that arise within the family. Unique strategies are provided for each phase of the process that encourage and enhance al family members. My goal is to help each member of the family find their ?purpose? and healthy communication techniques with one another.

Sessions include discussions on the following topics:

  • Healthy Parent Characteristics
  • What is the Definition of ?Manhood?
  • What is the definition of ?Womanhood??
  • Equipping our children for success
  • Child Developmental Stages from Birth ? End of Life
  • Child Rearing Chart
  • The Foundation of Character Education
  • Standards to teach and instill in our children (The Parents Dictionary)
  • Warning signs to look for


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