Many people have find themselves faced with a relationship (s) or situations that cause them to feel out of control. Whether the individual is a family member, a close friend, a coworker, or an acquaintance, not knowing how to deal with them so that you?remain calm and balanced in the situation create a sense of frustration when they trigger unhappy emotions from you.?It may be a struggle from them to get more of your time, or someone who is depending on you for support, someone who needs your money, or a person who desperately needs to feel loved by you. Whatever their need or reason, the role to fulfill their needs have been?placed on our plate, and with all the other aspects of our life to manage, the demands of one person can throw off your sense of emotional stability and balance. When your life feels like it’s out of control, you find yourself wondering how in did you get there?

Each aspect or area of your life blends into other areas and that is why it is important for you to know how to respond to the challenges of life when they impact the different areas of your life.?ONE ANSWER FIXES do not exist. The Cake Chronicles 80/20 Challenge and other identified?seminars/workshops help you?identify the triggers and many emotional pitfalls you unknowingly find yourself faced with on a day to day basis. The goal for each seminar is to help you create healthy boundaries which are the foundation for healthy relationships.

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Define your 80/20 for Healthy Relationships