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Friendship or Dating? Know the Difference!

Now that you discovered the personal areas you need to work on to establish healthy, happy friendships, you are ready for the next phase. The Dating Game!datingorfriends

The rules of engagement are the same and different. You should first learn how to be friendly with others and how to have friends (especially the ones you are not attracted to). This type of relationship gives you the opportunity to get to know them better. They should be people you can just hang out with and have a good time, while not dealing with the pressures of a physical attraction. You never know, this friend could be the person that introduces you to the man of your dreams. Learn how to establish healthy friendships with the opposite sex by setting boundaries and establishing a friendship/dating checklist. Follow the ingredients outlined to help you transition your friendships into? meaningful, healthy relationships!


Healthy Ingredients for Cake Pops!

  1. Establish Platonic Friendships with the opposite sex.
  2. Take the Friendship Checklist.
  3. Know if He/She qualify to be more than just “Friends”


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Cup Cake – We’re Dating/Relationship

cupcakeIf you?re dating or in a relationship, we call you? a ?Cup Cake?. Your relationship is sweet and personal just like cup cakes. At this stage, things start to arise like ex-girlfriend(s) issues, baby momma drama, financial concerns or you see they have some addictions but you?re too ?In love? to believe anything is wrong with him, so you just ignore the signs. The cupcake stage is the time to assess your relationship and determine whether you should ?Fight? or ?Flight?. This is the ?playing house? version or prelude to the next stage.

Ingredients for Cup Cakes

  1. Take the 80/20 Relationship Challenge to ensure you don’t bring “issues” into your relationship and you know
    what triggers create an unhealthy relationship for you!
  2. Then take the Single (Cake Pop) Seminar to be sure?he/she deserves to be in a relationship with you

A “Crumzy” Situation

Crumz DivorcedFeeling “Crumzy” is the state when you find yourself in an emotionally hurtful/painful situation and you don’t know how you got there. He moved on without you and you don’t know why or what happened. You’re asking yourself “what went wrong?”, “what did I do?”. Many women find it hard to move on from a past relationship because they are still holding on to the memory of someone who was not meant for them. A lot of women try to snack on the left over Crumz because they remember how sweet the cake used to be. But ladies, if you aren?t the Cake, then being the Crumz won?t cut it. Have you ever seen a cake recipe with ingredients flour, water and Crumz? No!

Having self-esteem is not just about evaluating how you see yourself. It is also about understanding the behavior of those around you who are struggling with liking themselves and, how they unknowingly make you feel bad because they don’t know how to handle their issues so they end up projecting that energy on you. If you are hanging out with a person that turns your positive energy and enthusiasm into negative emotions, you have to learn how to see it for what it really is. They are only deflecting guilt and blame on you which in turn, causes you to feel bad about yourself for no reason!

That is why it is important to set healthy boundaries with people so they won’t affect your heart and emotions. There’s an old saying “feed ’em from a long handled spoon”. Start establishing boundaries so you can distance yourself from people who exhibit negative energy. Sometimes you have to start with the people closest to you called “family”. Once you learn how to set boundaries with your immediate family, you will then feel empowered to set boundaries with others. So learn to move on by takng the Cake Chronicles 80/20 Challenge and get the Memo on establishing boundaries, limits and learning how to love yourself and what that means!

Ingredients for a Crumz

    1. Take the 80/20 Relationship Challenge!

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Crumz Snatchers

Crumz Snatcher Side Chick

Why Be a Crumz Snatcher?

Anyone who settles for being the ?Jump Off?, “Pop Off”, ?THOT?, Loops, Swoops, ?Side Chick?, “Mistress” or ?The Other Woman?, we consider you a Crumz Snatcher. I realize this is a situation that no woman really wants to be in. He told you she’s not making him happy, he says he’s going to leave. But the time just hasn’t come. But when you settle for less than what you deserve, and you are willing to disrupt another woman?s household and family, then you?re just plain Crumz. I have to be honest and respect the fact that there are some women who were able to be the “other woman” and he finally left his wife or situation for her. Many times men do not have other women because they are unhappy. Many times, they do not realize their love language is physical touch and they substitute sex for physical connection. Women mistakenly believe he’s with her because he really wants her when 9 times out of 10, he’s only there for sex. Nothing more, nothing else. He loves his children and even the relationship he has with his wife. He just wants to fool around. There have been many hearts and families torn because of the challenges and pain that adultery brings to the equation for all parties involved. If you are a Crumz Snatcher, then you should check out this book I found online. It really sounds like a great book written by a woman who was also a Crumz Snatcher – “the other woman”. Then you should do some soul searching asking yourself is he really worth the headache, heartache and hastle? .

Ingredients for Crumz Snatchers!

  1. Start over with the 8020 Relationship Challenge Today!