Question 1: What is a Man/Woman

Bachelor #4 response:
A man is a person that stands up for who he is, what he is, what he does. Takes full responsibility for his actions. Knows what he?s doing, doesn?t jeopardize himself or those around him for petty gain. A man is someone that you look up to not at. A woman is a compliment to a good man. She?s everything a man is. She?s a powerful individual with an opinion. She?s beautiful both internally and externally. She?s feminine. My mother?s a woman, a great woman.

Bachelor #5 response:
The bible defines a man as a male that develops not just because he?s at the age of majority, but because he decides to walk and carry himself as a man. He accepts his responsibilities he accepts his burdens in life and he moves forwards and he progresses when it comes to his children. He?s there to rear his children, he?s there to be responsible for his children, he?s there to protect his children, he?s there to protect his wife, he?s there to build a life and a lifestyle. A woman is essentially the same thing, she?s there to raise her children, to protect her husband, protect her children, to establish a lifestyle and to fulfill the need of that man. She has just as much responsibility as that man. Actually, she has more responsibility because one of the primary functions of a mother is to be the primary teacher of the children that?s her first job because she?s the very first teacher those children have ever had because she carries those children. So the things that she puts into her body and her mind are automatically distributed down to those children so if she fills her mind and her body with junk, then she?s filling her children with junk before they?ve had a chance to mature. I know my answer is going to have a lot of women pisssed off, because they?re going to be saying ?what kind of man is he how he gon say that about women??. Well, maybe women need to take a look at what I?ve said or think about what I just said and maybe they need to reassess because one of the reasons I feel we have a high rate of ADHD and have so many children on Ritalin and all this other kind of b.s., is because of the lifestyle of some of these parents. Mothers still 4,5,6 months pregnant in the bars. What are you doing pushed up at the bar with your belly drinking a beer, drinking a cocktail and you got a 6 month baby in your stomach, still trying to smoke a joint, wanting to be around folks that?s smoking, constantly smoking either weed, cigarettes or other stuff, but you can?t figure out why your children are going to kindergarten and can?t sit down and you know in the first 5 years of their life, you?ve never really cooked them a full meal, their first full meal came from McDonalds and was a happy meal. We?ve got to get back to the business of raising our children. We have too many children on Ritalin, we have too many children that are drug addicts before they get to the third grade.

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