The Problem – What are Women doing Wrong?

Ladies, let’s imagine you?re in a store, minding your business when a handsome man approaches you and asks for your name. In the time it takes to say your name, ask him what?s his, and he responds, you?ve already
1) reflected on the tone and pitch of his voice,
2) the words he used when he spoke,
3) you’ve checked out his height, physique, butt, legs, chest, hands, hair,
4) clothes coordination,
5) the type of shoes he?s wearing
6) and his lips. And by the time he finally tells you his name, you?ve already decided whether or not he might get your phone number if he asks.

Once you have exchanged numbers the ritual of dating has now begun. Unfortunately, for many single ladies?today, their love life and the dating ritual has not been what they imagined it would be when they?were a little girl. Women today are finding that the rules of engagement in dating have changed. Women went from being wives, taking care of their homes, the kids, and their spouses or mates, to women fighting for total equality in all things that a man was given. The right to vote, equal jobs, equal pay and even equality in their sex lives. Women today are encouraged to challenge society and the men in their lives. They are also encouraged to be educated, stand up for what they believe in, and the no longer accept the word no as an option. In this new way of thinking, women also found themselves reinventing the rules of dating.

As young girls grew into young dating women, they no longer wanted to just please their man, but they too wanted to receive pleasure and they desired to be comfortable exploring their own sexuality. Over the course of time, today’s woman became self sufficient, independent, great cooks, great moms, and began to have great sex lives, but somehow in 2014, they?ve found themselves still single and not understanding why? They?re holding it down when it comes to taking care of business; personally, professionally and sexually, but single men today of all ages don?t find them interesting enough to build long lasting relationship. They find them good enough to bed, but not to wed. To date, but not to mate or to marry.

So the question they find themselves asking is “What is Really The Problem?”

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