Question 6: What were you taught about dating?

Bachelor #1 response:
Uh, don?t spend no money on no woman, don?t try to bed em down (don?t sleep with em on the first date), always wear a condom, never, never , ever ever ever ever let em know how much money you got, uhm always let em go in their pocket first before you go in yours, if they don?t open the door for you after you open the door for them after you open the door for them, take em back home, you know stuff like that

Bachelor #3 response:
Uhm, how to treat a woman, a lady. Manners, how to be polite, etiquette around women like holding doors and stuff like that. I got that stuff from tv and all that stuff. As far as the guys I grew up with, they were more trying to the men were all teenagers and stuff, things were more around sex. Were around just not into like romantic stuff. Give em flowers and stuff like that. That?s what I was taught.

Bachelor #4 response:
Every relationship is different. You can?t base a future relationship on a past relationship although it may have similarities. Every relationship is very unique in of itself. Never put a stipulation or an expectation on a relationship cause it may be fortunate to be something that it wasn?t necessarily destined to be. Let it take its natural course. Don?t look for a relationship. Relationships are formed in and of themselves. When you try to form a relationship, you?re probably likely to create something that isn?t to be and therefore you set yourself up to be in a very negative situation.

Bachelor #5 response:
I remember I met this guy once, and one of the things he told me was, never give a woman everything. Always leave her wanting something, because if you give her everything, and she keeps on wanting more, what more will you have to give her. That sticks out to me because he was an absolute stranger and the conversation just came up. I was about 15 maybe and just happened to be on the bus with a buddy of mine and that was the tip the old man gave me. It?s made me a stingy bastard today. What I find is, if you keep giving and giving and giving, if you?re with the wrong person, she keeps taking and taking and taking, a lot of times, she?s only asking to see how much more you?re going to give. So if you don?t have limits, why would she so basically, don?t let yourself be played out like a fool is what it really comes down to. Understand where you?re trying to take this relationship to, understand what you will and will not do. And more importantly, know your limitations. If you can?t afford to do it, why are you trying? And if you can?t afford to do it and you keep on doing this that and the other and she keeps on having more and more expectations, then maybe something should click in your head that she?s playing you because she?s not returning anything to you. I was also told, always treat a woman with respect and at the same time, make sure that she respects you and you find out if she respects you by simple things. If you do nice things for her and she has to think about whether she should do nice things for you, then ?bout don?t respect you. So I always deal with people who you can respect and who can respect you.

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