Question 5: Does a man let his ego determine his mate?

Bachelor #5 response:
I think a man?s ego can get in the way of a relationship if he feels like he?s prettier than the woman he?s dating or he?s more important than the woman he?s dating. Some people consider it ego, some people call it self esteem. Now a person with a real big ego walk into a room and feel like the whole world is suppose to stop because he walked into the room, that?s a person with a huge ego so pretty much anybody he?s involved with is always going to be overshadowed by his own ego and his own personality. Now a person with a self esteem problem, it doesn?t matter who the woman is that he?s with, he?s always going to be uncomfortable because he?s always feeling like he?s not good enough to be with this particular woman. So every time she walks off he?s trying to be right behind her because he feels like she?s doing something or she?s trying to find somebody to replace him. It?s not so much that it?s a jealousy thing, as it is a insecure thing. See jealousy is a little bit different, jealousy means he just don?t trust nothing she does. Esteem and ego play huge parts in relationships because you don?t want to have such a huge ego that the person your involved with feels insignificant and you?re attacking their self esteem and but the same time, you don?t want to be one of those people that?s mopey around and so uncomfortable with yourself that no matter who the woman is your or what the woman looks like, you feel like you never measure up.

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