Question 4: What should women know about men

Bachelor #1 response:
That we are men and the average man is not a real man, he?s still trying to figure out what a real man is. A real man is spiritually grounded. A real man has a fear of god and if he really doesn?t he?s lying to himself. In order for you to become a true man, you have to love the lord and have a good bible guideline basically the bible tells you how to truly be a man. Like love thou spouse, we are made in his own perfect image, and so if I?m made in god?s own perfect image, I have to love my wife and love whoever I?m with as god would love them, you know unconditionally.

Bachelor #3 response:
Women should know that they don?t think like men. And going back to that, women should take the time to understand whatever her man has gone through in his lifetime experiences. Um, and that goes with women also. Everyone has gone through experiences so women should also want to know what her man or the man she?s interested in has gone through. Every man has a different experience.

Bachelor #4 response:
Women should know that we?re only going to do what you let us do. That you?re probably never gonna get 100% of us no matter how hard we try. There?s always a percentage that we keep to ourselves. Women should know we lie. We?re hardly ever truly satisfied. Our ego usually thinks for us. 80% of us are materialistic, 90% of us are superficial, half of us have not learned to get in touch with our feminine side and express that in a way that doesn?t create homophobic thoughts. As to men lying, if we?re 10 minutes late from coming home and the true reason is we stopped at the corner store to get a drink and we don?t want you to know, we gon lie about that, if we get a phone call from one of our home boys, and we don?t want you to know, we lie about that, I think men are susceptible to lie about just about anything especially if they see it in their benefit. As to superficial, I mean, everybody want a trophy I think, I think all men want a trophy. More times than not, we look for what we think everybody else is looking for not necessarily what we want for ourselves. As for femininity, it?s hard to relate to anything if you don?t allow yourself fully understand it and the only way you?re going to understand the femininity of a woman is to get in touch with your own feminine side. A man can do this by allowing himself to cry every now and then, allow himself to be sensitive about being soft, allow himself to look at things from a less masculine stand point, stop thinking with this ego.

Bachelor #5 response:
Men, don?t always want what they ask for. Because we ask you to do a 3 way, maybe you shouldn?t do it. Because maybe, that?s not what we really want you to do. Because for one, that?s not the woman 9 times out of 10 are going to choose to be our wife. If a man tells you ?oh baby I love you, I want you to have my baby?, don?t be stupid. Because, he may nor may not be there, but you, definitely got a kid and all of a sudden, he don?t remember that conversation. And three, stop trying to compete for him, stop trying to compete with other women for him. If you?re the one he?s going to choose, then you?re the one he?s going to choose. It?s that simple. So you don?t have to go out and sell yourself, market yourself, sacrifice your job, your income, your household to try and lure him from another woman. If he wants you, then you?re the one he?s going to choose.

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