Question 3: What should men and women know about each other?

Bachelor #1 response:
Nothin, nothing at all

Bachelor #3 response:
Women um, once again are more emotional than guys so a lot of men should know that because of how society is, a lot of women have been hurt, a lot of women need someone to understand what they?ve gone through and that?s vice a versa, women should understand what men have to?go through. It?s not black or white. Um, women tend to think a little more with their hearts, men don?t, so men and women should try to understand each other. It?s not hard, women are not from venus and men are not from mars, if truly someone loves somebody, they should try to understand them.

Bachelor #4 response:
They know what they want within the first 5 minutes of meeting you they make their mind up of what role you?re going to play. No means no, unless it?s given in a suggestive context. You know, sometimes when people say no, but they really don?t want to say no, one of those it?s too soon, but I really don?t want you to stop, so I?ma say no because I?m suppose to, but I really really don?t want you to stop, so if you keep going, I?m not going to say no again, but I gotta have it on the record that I did say no the first time. You tell that they don?t mean no by not stopping immediately and at least 2 no?s really mean no.

Bachelor #5 response:
If I knew that?????..

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