Question 2: Do you think men and women are different?

Bachelor #1 response:
?Yes I do. Uh, women are more sensitive, more emotional, more uh, grounded. Men are free spirited, don?t show their feelings too much, secretive basically big punks at heart and looking for somebody to love them and nurture them.

Bachelor #2 response:
He responded by sharing a story about a date he had on a Friday night with a younger woman. He told her What?s interesting about dating younger women, is you recognize the game signs long before they come at you. I usually try to pump the brakes and say you know what, the game you trying to run on me, I taught them niggas how to run on you. That you know, you aint? getting nuttin over?on him, but what you fail to realize is, the one thing you countin on to get you what you want, every other woman in the world has that. There?s nothing exclusive about it. Everything you may think you may be use to do don?t mean nothing. I?ve know someone that has done it, I may know two women who can do it, I may know two women in the world who?ll do it at the same time so don?t bet the farm on that and I think that?s where a lot of women mess up at. Thinking that their sexuality or sensuality will get them what they want. What I realize is that often times, their greatest asset is their greatest popup.?Their femininity. Men are not looking for competition, men are looking for someone that?s complimentary. Men date women that make them feel good about themselves that?s what attracts women to him and what women fail to realize is how do you make me feel when I?m going through tough times when something?s bothering me, how do you read me, how do you relate to me, I?ve often said the woman for me is smarter than me. She makes me think it?s my idea when it?s her idea. She basically knows how to stroke and prop up my ego but that?s what men are looking for one way or the other their going to get it. In the new millennium, many men date a composite woman. One woman may cook well, one may clean well, theirs different things about them by different people. If you break em apart and put them togeher, you?ll have the perfect women. The problem is, men are looking for perfection, they don?t like to settle, where a woman will settle all the time, they are looking to try to fix the man so where looking from two totally different perspectives because where we are so different is men are reared toward conquest, towards competition, towards whose the strongest, you know, um little boys are into violence cars, we?re into guns, playin football and competitions were into being the best and having the most where women are raised into monogamy, you know playin dress up, playin with dolls, playin house, you know um love, you know to wards being with one guy, where men basically are taught you know get as many knots as you can on your belt early men. So the whole sociology is where we are two totally different adults. And as we grow up, we want the same thing. Men attract women who are competitive, they got nice bodies, they?re successful they dress nice, they have nice cars all the things they played with as boys. And the women, they out there looking good, they dressing themselves up, they got nice new house, you know they acting like a lady so we are adults who basically are just stretched up and grown up but we?ve been reared in two totally different directions. So what happens is that you basically have men are taught we have to exchange love for lust. So I fake like I love you to get the lust I want. Where women are taught basically I have to give him the lust he wants to get the intimacy I want. See we have to exchange that love for lust. And so what happens is that everyone is kinda playing the game, she may not really be in the mood to have sex, but she wants to be held and pampered so she knows okay, if I let him get off, then hopefully he?ll hold me for a while, talk to me, just give me the comfort I need, he knows, if I hold her, kiss her on her forehead, and talk to her and say the right thing, that?s gonna give her the comfort she needs so she can give me the sex I need. So it?s an exchange where men and women are consistently going back and forth it?s like a struggle. But the thing is, they both are looking to get something totally different out of it. She looking to get love and relationship and a commitment out of it. He looking to get a basically a no strings attached so I can get a booty call out of it so the actions are the same, but whole focus is two totally different outcomes.

Bachelor #3 response:
Without a doubt. We?re both psychologically our souls are different. Women are more emotional overall, men are not we?re created for different roles so overall we are more different.

Bachelor #4 response:
No, I think our core values are the same, we just have different methods of expressing ourselves.

Bachelor #5 response:
Yes. Their mindsets are different. Men naturally are conquerors. Women are nesters which mean they want to set up homes, have children, raise children, be family oriented. Men want to have a nice comfortable place to call home, but we need to have our wandering space. We?re not necessarily doing anything that we don?t have any business doing, but we want to just have our space to wander and women don?t understand that. They think if we?re not with them, then we?re doing something wrong or we?re trying to find another place to call home and that?s not always the case and you have some women now who feel that they?ve evolved so much that they?ve actually fooled themselves into thinking that they don?t want to be in relationships and they want to run around and act like men and the only reason I say that is they?re whole idea of what relationships are are different, raising children are different, sexual encounters are different because now they consider them almost like conquests. They?re proud of the number of men they?ve slept with, did this with and got this from and let?s be honest, our society has not changed that much. Women shouldn?t be so proud of those little tid bits.

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