Question 9: Men bonding with their homies, what?s up with that?

Bachelor #1 response:
Basically it?s a front. They don?t want their fellas to think they don got whipped by some female to where they on locked down. But behind close doors he callin a sister every night, or at her house when he?s not round his boys, but he try to hang out with his boys on the regular so they won?t think he?s been whipped.

Bachelor #2 response:
That?s one I probably can?t give a good answer to. I personally never been that way. I never put men over women. I didn?t cry if we lost the big game, I didn?t slam into the lockers, and because I really don?t drink or smoke, it seemed like that was mostly the thing they did. The got together, they pitched in on a bag of weed, or pitched in on a 40 or something to drink whatever, I wasn?t into drinking after the next cat. Smoking weed, you know the weed was all slobbed up, I?ve always been drug free so to me, when they did get high, and acted silly and flipped out, I was like that?s alright so I never really could get with that. I have a few close friends, we get together, you know, most times when men get together, women may come up, but I feel that um, it?s a lot different. Cause you can usually walk by a table full of women 80 percent of the conversation is about their relationship with men, and with men basically 20 percent about the conversation will be about their relationship with women and about 80 percent of their conversation will probably be of sexual nature. So I think that that?s the big difference. We may kick it about sports, we may kick it about work, we may just kick it about you know other things, superficial things. Cause like I said, men don?t take it there like emotionally like women do I feel that I?ve always said that fishing is kinda like men?s therapy. That on the fishing creek that somethings may come out that no other time they ever really come out, but you know again with society if you take it back to the childhood, the rearing of competition and things of that nature, mostly with women, you don?t talk about having real feelings or what bothers you like the movie uh, the brothers you know kinda summed it up, where they were playing basketball you know they talked a little bit about the woman and they shot hoops and they shot each other down, you know cause that?s the risk that you take I mean anytime that you say you love or you?re gonna get married, brothers feel like they should talk you out of it, uh, women when they say that they bout to get married, everybody all happy for em, and all joyous or whatever but brothers, even though often times a brother gets upset if you mention he?s about to get married specially around some other women, yo man, what you hatten or whatever cause men aren?t really really sure until you known maybe that moment their up in front of the preacher, up until that time, almost anything can turn their head. Women on the other head, he just about be a serial murderer and almost sleep with their mother before they decide they gone call off the wedding, because once they put their mind to it, their mind is to it and a man?s mind is very rarely to it to that particular level so again, it?s just showing the difference between the two.

Bachelor #4 response:
What do you mean, it?s necessary. I mean, it happens a lot, I think sometimes men use one another to escape from estrogen. When we want to get away from females sometimes we need to be around a man so we can feel like a man. Sometimes a man needs to feed his own ego by feeling just like that a man.

Bachelor #5 response:
There has to be a time when you become a man, you put childish things away. If you?re a man and your still running with the boys maybe you need to slow it down and start taking stock in the fact that you are a man now and you have to balance things off. Because as a man, you have job, you have family, you have children, you have responsibilities and your boys shouldn?t come involved with those other things. They should be part of them, but your wife shouldn?t always come home and see your boys sitting up in her living room. Your kids shouldn?t be wondering if you?re going to be coming to their game, or if you?re going to be hanging out with your boys. When you are a child, you do childish things, when you become a man, it?s time to put childish things away and walk like a man.

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