Question 8: What types of men/women are there, define them and do men really want to be with any of them?

Bachelor #1 response:
You got the wanna be pimps, wanna be players, the momma?s boys, the church goin man, and the god fearin man. Women: They want to be playettes , you got the wanna be pimpettes, the wanna be I?m playin games, you know you go the wanna be church girls that?s frontin. You know they put on that skirt stuff, they do their hallelu?s and shout round the church on Sunday?s but all during the week woooo, you get in them panties all you waQnt. So basically, you know you got the category that want to be in a relationship and then you got the ones that really want it, but are afraid of it so they basically tryin to play the same games men have played that?s about that.What?s a Hoe? I got to think about that. A hoe is a woman if she gives you head, she will swallow.A bitch: is a woman that don?t mind beddin you down but will talk smack afterwards and will try to dog you out in the streets. A Freak: is a women that just likes to get thar freak on, I?m talking they just like to have sex. They basically call you up and say hey listen, I need this thang tuned up, come changed this oil for me, come do yo thang. And that?s basically a freak. Anything goes with a freak. A man may want a freak, but he?ll never marry one.A player: a player is a brother that want to be a pimp, but don?t really know how to have the pimp mentality you see the average brother if he really knew the definition of a pimp, he wouldn?t call himself a pimp because a pimp will do whatever a hoe will do so a brother wouldn?t actually call himself a pimp. Now a player is one that?s basically out there playing the game. Got a whole bunch of women, telling a lot of em that he loves em, suppose to be they man but he truly isn?t,the average female is fallin for it because he?s cute, or they just happy to be with him or they?re proud that they actually with him cause he?s that kind of catch..

Bachelor #4 response:
There are two kinds of people in this world. The people that make things happen and the people that watch things happen. Women are just that way. You have the women that are go getters and the women that kind of lay on their back waiting for somebody to do something for them. A hoe is a person that allows herself to be taking advantage of for sexual reasons and only sexual reasons. A woman that has sex with a multitude of men. A woman that has sex so freely and openly that she has no boundaries no end. She?s willing to do anything at anytime with anyone. A bitch is a female dog. I don?t like that word, but I would guess it?s someone that has a very strong personality, a very strong attitude, very oppionated, my type of person actually. I wouldn?t define a woman as a bitch because to me that?s a female dog. A freak is a woman that is willing to try anything. A woman that is in touch with her sexuality, a woman that is a sexplorer. Someone that?s willing to explore things sexually and enjoy sex. A man wants one in the bed and at home, but not a 100% freak. Nobody wants a 100% freak. I?m sure every person has heard it before a man wants a freak in the bed and a lady in the street. I think that?s the truest statement I think I?ve ever heard as far as that goes. Every man wants a freak, even if he don?t actually want it to be done to him per say, he wants to know that whenever he has a notion or a he has a desire, the person that he?s with is willing to at least give him his desires. He don?t have to go elsewhere for them. A player is anyone and I mean man or female has the ability to juggle several relationships successfully. A true player is a person that don?t have to lie about it. They don?t have to lie about what they?re doing and who they?re doing it with. They create that understanding from the door. This is who I am this is what I do, take it or leave it. And that person still attracts a person still attracts people to be in their circle, to be on their team.

Bachelor #5 response:
The one group that I will comment on and that I?m most familiar with is guys like myself. Guys that work, don?t necessarily have master degrees, bachelor degrees, but they work good honest jobs. They trained hard to get into the jobs that they have. They studied to get to the jobs that they have and they carry those jobs out with precision. They want good honest long-term relationships. They want to do what it takes to build those relationships or shall I say take that lump of coal and shape it into that magnificent diamond that it can be, but aren?t going to take a lot of bull to get there. Because we know hat just like there?s a ton of beautiful, intelligent, strong, dedicated worthy women out there, you got that group of women that are no good, that are treacherous and all that other good stuff you run into to get there and a lot of times that builds up scar tissue around your heart on your mind, you just get to a point where your like, she?ll be good for this, she?ll be good for this but she ain?t good for that. So you start weeding people out and you get to a point where?s I know what I want, I just don?t want that with you. It?s not right, it?s not wrong, it?s just the way it is. I?m familiar with those types of brothers because I happen to be one of em. But a lot of other guys, you got the guys that just want to just live off of other people, I don?t really know a lot of people like that. You got, hustlers, scam artists, but the group I can speak on is the group I just referred to. As for women, you have a plethora of women that really know what they want, then you have all those little sub groups. The groupies, hoochies, all those other things where they think they know what they want or they even believe that that?s what they really want, but unfortunately, when they get to a certain point, it ain?t cool being a 40 year old groupie or hoochie and now you trying to make that transition trying to be somebody?s wife, well nobody really want you because while you were out there in your hoochie stage, everybody pretty much done had you and ain?t nobody trying to marry the town whore. And truth be told, yeah a man can go out and be a hore, the difference being, when he finally does settle down, in his time of being a whore, he?s learned how to make love so now his love making skills are off the meter. So the woman that he finally meets, settle down with is reaping the benefits of this but the one that was the hoochie, the process is different. Because it?s not that she?s necessarily learned how to make love better, but she?s gotten so far away from what love making is, that she never really even has a chance to find love. She?s found sex, she?s found good sex. She?s found out the easiest way to get it on but it doesn?t always equate to being able to transfer that to the new man she?s with because now here it is, when she?s with this new man and he can?t put it on her, she can?t necessarily teach him how to. Because part of her mind has told her if he can?t put it on her, she aint gone waste her time with him. But that mind have been the man that all she had to do is take all that information she was using to compare him to, because that?s what she?s basically doing, she?s comparing him to all of her past loves, lovers and if she can take that and say okay, well here?s what I?m working with, this is somebody I care for, see if you put the care before the sex, you have a totally different dynamic. Now you take the care and you take all these other people whose experiences you?ve had, and say well if he does this, if he does that but see you don?t want to teach, you want to be pleasured off the bat and he?s suppose to know how to come do this, but he don?t know you like that and you?re not opening yourself up to him. So you may never find love, you?ll always find good sex, but you won?t be opened to love. And with men, it?s just the opposite, see we start out having sex, and then we eventually develop to where we want to fall in love. And when we get to the point where we?ve had all these other conquests we realize that that?s all they were. We were wasting time but we?ve taken that time to perfect our craft. Now a hoe, is basically fucks anybody for any reason for some kind of gain. She?s not doing it because that?s the person she wants to be with, because there?s some kind of financial attachment to it. She?s gon get a bill paid, she?s selling herself short. A bitch is someone where everything?s is always wrong in her world. She?s always uptight about something, she always wants to fight and argue about something. She creates things to be mad about. A freak is just somebody that?s adventurous. Every man wants a freaky woman, depending on how she carries herself and as along as she?s not a slut about it. A slut is somebody that get?s freaky with everybody. She just has no limits. As I said, you want a girl that?s freaky to some aspect because when you are together, you can make almost any situation right. Something big brought into the equation. You can just enjoy each other, you can explore each others mind, body and souls, you not scared to try new things. But when you talk about somebody whose slutty, you talk about somebody whose doing this with people she just meets and nobody wants a slut. You see sluts have what you call shelf life. Just like with foods, they?re good for three days yeah, that?s pretty much what a slut is. She?s good for a party, cause when me and my boys know where to go to hit it off, she?s gon serve us up right. A player is just somebody who just has himself. Whose __________with what he does. People that are extremist. He doesn?t pretend with anybody, he doesn?t like anybody _____________look we?re having a good time together

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