Question 23: What will you tell your young adult children (13-18 year old) about dating?

Bachelor #4 response:
I think I?m just going to give them the basics. I?m gonna tell them not to give themselves completely to a woman without knowing what her intent is, but I think dating is something that you have to learn from your experiences. I think experience is the best teacher in that regard because like I said, every relationship is different so I can?t tell them what worked and didn?t work for me cause that may have absolutely no bearing on the people that they may deal with. Because the women that my father was dating is not the same woman that I?m dating and the things that worked for him to get my mother wouldn?t work for me to find my wife. I don?t think the things that work for right now is going to work for my son so I wouldn?t necessarily tell him anything. I more or less be there for moral support or what have you and allow him to experience it for himself.

Bachelor #5 response:
Be careful. I?ve already started talking to my kid about dating. The thing I told her, the most important thing I told her is if you date or you hanging out and he doesn?t want to meet your family, that?s the boy you want to get away from. Because he doesn?t have your best interest at heart. If he doesn?t want to be around your family or doesn?t want to know your family, or doesn?t want your family to know him, that means there?s something?s in him that he knows aren?t right. One he doesn?t measure up and two, that means he got some shady plans for you. You should get away from him as quickly as possible. Don?t carry yourself as a tramp. One of the first lessons I told my daughter before she started dating, we went to the store, I went one way; she went another, and she came up and went grabbing on my arm ?ooh daddy, ooh, ooh ?, and I told her I said, you don?t have to act like a whore. If there?s something you want, ask for me. If I?m going to buy it, my answer is always yes or no. you don?t have to sell yourself like that. Whores carry themselves like that. You?re not a whore. Ever since that day, if my daughter wants something, she asks for it and my answer is still yes or no. I put it to her that way because I wanted her to understand, you don?t sell yourself to men to get what you want.

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