Question 22: Why do you think men are single?

Bachelor #1 response:
Men choose to be single cause it?s a black man?s buffet out there right now sista. Brothers feel they got the pick of the litter so why tie down with one. They can have one on the side, one over here, one over there and everybody don?t care what?s going down as long as they being treated right at the specific time when it?s they time. Can you feel me.

Bachelor #4 response:
Because they want to have their cake and eat it to. They want the ability to say they have someone that they can call their own, but be free to go do whatever they may choose to do.

Bachelor #5 response:
That has more answers than the first questions. Largely for the same reason as women. You have a harder time finding a good caliber of women you want to be with. A woman you want to help to raise your kids, who wants you to help raise theirs and is also focused on her career.

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