Question 21: Why do you think women are single?

Bachelor #1 response:
Same thing I said earlier, I think women are single due to the fact that the average man is intimidated. He feels that there?s nothing he can do that she can?t do for herself so basically, they want to be in a relationship but the average brother is not stepping to them like that and I think it?s based on intimidation.

Bachelor #4 response:
I think any real woman can have a man if she so please. Any woman to me that is by herself is either not willing to look for Mr. Right or don?t want to look. By look I don?t mean literally look, I don?t mean go out on a manhunt; I mean more so be open to the idea of being in a serious relationship.

Bachelor #5 response:
Different women, different reasons. That?s kinda hard to gauge cause some, I really respect the women that have sworn off dating for the sole purpose of being good mothers to their children and you do have some that that is absolutely, unequivocally, the only reason that they are not dating. They make the conscious decision, I want to take some time and just bond and be with my children. I got to work all day, I can at least give this time to my children and help them be much better more focus individuals. And there are some women who are single just because it happens that way, maybe because they aren?t meeting the right type of people, or they are the right type of person that people want to meet. Lately I hear a lot of women saying that men are intimidated by them because they are independent black women. And largely, I think that?s just bull. I think in a lot of those cases, those women tend to be very abrasive. And abrasive does not reflect strength. See strength is reflected in having the power and choosing not to use it, that?s strength and being abrasive is assuming you have the power and you?re constantly trying to make people know that you have the power, it?s a huge difference because people respect powerful people that are humble. But nobody respects the bully and if you come in as a bully, people are repelled by you being a bully, they?re not attracted to the bully, they?re attracted to the person that carries themselves well, and knows that at any given minute, I?m running this show, I?m always running the show, but I don?t have to prove it. That?s the person that people want to be around. Because they know how things are going down, they know why things are going down, and they allow things to go down, they don?t have to sweat nobody, they don?t have to make nobody bow down and coward to them because they have internal strength, they have inner strength, that?s way above all things. They have class so a lot of those women interpret that as people being intimidated by them, no, it?s not intimidated, they just don?t like a loud, brash woman. Then you have some women that just are so focused on what they?re doing, they just don?t notice people that are attracted to them, because they?re so focused on what they have to do. I think there are a ton of reasons why people are single, but I really feel the average sister that thinks that all men are intimidated by them think that because it ain?t like that. You can be very intelligent, you can have college degrees, you can make great money, and it?s a lot of sisters that do but it?s a lot of the sisters that you hear them way before you see them or you hear about them way before you meet them. Good brothers really don?t see them because they?re just obnoxious.

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