Question 20: Why are you single?

Bachelor #1 response:
I choose to be single at this present time due to the fact that I want to be able to find myself, in other words, I honestly felt in my first two marriages, I was half a man and I attracted half a woman. In other words, it equaled to half a marriage now I?m trying to make myself a whole man putting god first in everything that I do becoming a whole man that way I can attract a whole woman that way I?ll have a whole marriage. Cause basically one plus one equals one in god?s sight. Can you feel me!

Bachelor #4 response:
Mrs. Right now is just that. I found the person that I thought to be Mrs. Right but she didn?t feel the way I felt about her.?Like I said speaking of the new millennium woman, she?s a wonderful woman, she?s everything I ever wanted in a woman, her only issue with me is that I don?t have everything that she wants me to have right now. I drive rent a cars mostly, she wants me to own a car. I rent she wants me to have a house, that sort of thing. Even though she?s my age, she?s just starting her career, I looked forward to building a life with her, she wants to come into a life that?s already built. She?s deals with two other gentleman right now, one is a drug dealer and he has a whole lot of money. She deals with him solely because he has money and he?s able to provide for her. The other gentleman she?s actually in love with is in the music industry, he?s a music producer. He also has money, but he has no time for her because he?s always on the road. He?ll send for her to come to?NY for a week, she?ll see him the day she gets there and the next month he?ll get up and leave and be on a plane and he?ll come back the night before she leaves. She basically put it to me like, I?m interested in you, I have an interest and I love you, and I wouldn?t mind being with you, but my heart is with this person and my time is with this person.

Bachelor #5 response:
Don?t really know. Don?t really know. I was in a relationship for quite a long time and I thought that I wanted the person to be my wife and as luck would have it, turns out that?s not the way things work. I spent a lot of time trying to make that situation work out and I?m sure she did too. I was very patient, trying to be there through a lot of situations and circumstances and it turns out that we?d be together for a while, we?d break up, we?d date other people, I?d date other people, and we?d get back together and even drop other people to get back together with each other.?Relationships that were going well, I?just walked away from them because I really thought that was suppose to be my future. When I finally realized that things were over, I walked away and spent a weekend with a woman and that was something I normally wouldn?t have done, but when I did that, I knew that I had to be out of that relationship because I spent the entire weekend with this woman with no regard, no thought of consequence for what I had done or what I was doing and at that point I knew that I didn?t have a future with that person because things had finally gotten to a point where it was time to say goodbye. So right now, I?m just laying back, enjoying the fact that I?m single and all that it entails, so ladies, ya?ll pick this up, and um, holla at me, holla at yah boy!

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