Question 19: Commitment, what does that mean to you?

Bachelor #1 response:
I don?t know. Haven?t been there yet. Commitment basically is two people that?s willing to commit to each other spiritually, mentally as well as physically at every level there is to mention. You know being open, honest with someone uh basically like I said tryin to take that thang to a level of possible, possible marriage.

Bachelor #4 response:
Giving yourself to someone holistically and only to them. Being loyal to a person, being truthful to a person. Allowing a person into your life, into your thoughts.

Bachelor #5 response:
Means everything. I think that?s one of the things that?s lacking in relationships. People don?t really understand what it takes to be committed. You have to be dedicated to your cause. You have to say this is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, then why are you only giving it five years, why are you only giving it a few months. Or maybe your prep work was wrong. Maybe you based your marriage on the wrong thing. Commitment means you?re doing any and everything to promote your marriage and your relationship. Your dedicated to your family, your kids, your spouse, whatever it takes to get you all to that next level. I think people need to go ahead and decide if they make the commitment to be married, that they gon go ahead and stick it out because it?s not gon be easy, it?s not gon be a piece of cake, it?s not gonna be just everything is always gon go right. They got to decide that the weather is going to be bad some days, and stick it out, the weather is gon be good some days but they stick it out. On your job, you put up with a lot of stuff that you don?t want to put up with, you go through union contracts that don?t go through, you get over looked for promotions people stay on the job for 30 years and they?ve had all these negative experiences, but they?ve always stayed. They stayed and at the end of the road, they finally got that pension, after all that shit they took on that job, but you gave your marriage 5 years. But your marriage produced beautiful kids, it had the potential to blossom into something fantastic, but you gave your marriage 5 years. You gave your corporation 30. what did your marriage do that your job didn?t do to you. We get things twisted up and part of that commitment needs to be to your overall financial future. You?re overall financial future together. If you?re not looking down and saying where I want to be in 30, 40, 50 years, something?s wrong. Maybe one of ya?ll not as dedicated as the other. Because if you look down and say in 5 years I want to be in Cancun, in Hawaii, what do you want to be doing with your husband or your wife in 45 years? Have ya?ll even talked about the grandkids graduations, maybe even playing with the great grand kids, those things need to be discussed. Because those things are the things that are going to keep you focused and committed to each other cause your looking at the overall strength and unity of your commitment.

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