Question 18: Does Mrs. right really exist?

Bachelor #1 response:
I?d say yes.

Bachelor #4 response:
I believe so. Mrs. Right, Ms. Almost right, Ms. Right now. Ms. Right now is the woman that I may not be exactly what I?m looking for, but she makes me content. She fulfills the majority of my necessity. She?s not somebody I can see myself spending the rest of my life with, but I can definitely see her sticking around for a while. You can never know if they?ll be the person to stick around long, but usually that?s the person that usually gets me in trouble. I have a friend now that is Ms. Right now. She?s a wonderful person. I?m happy when I?m with her, but I can?t see myself spending the rest of my life with her because she has a tough old flaw in her characteristic that I can?t see myself dealing with for the rest of my life but it?s okay for right now because it?s temporary.

Bachelor #5 response:
Somewhere. She exists somewhere, even if it?s in the bottom of a test tube, maybe even if I have to find it in a blow up doll, but the blow up doll you can?t teach em how to cook, but I won?t rule out the test tube theory. I think she does exist, I think it?s just a matter of finding the person that loves you, respects you, will cherish you, just like you?ll cherish and love and respect them and willing to compromise and find those common areas where we?re building constantly, consistently toward our future.

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