Question 17: What do you truly want in a mate/wife?

Bachelor #1 response:
I honestly can?t answer that question honestly either cause I?m not truly looking right now, and if I was, I?d say she?d have to be a god fearing woman. Able to be submissive, not necessarily somebody that?s gonna be a robot, but submissive, in other words, no that I?m a man, but be able to say you know, this is a god fearing man, I know god is leading and guiding my spouse to make the right decisions based on this family and she?s able to trust me on that level.
Bachelor #4 response:
Confidence, ambitious, a cook, I?m sorry to be a little superficial, but I would like her to be pretty. A self-starter a self-motivator, a woman that is willing to give herself to me wholly. A woman that is confident in herself and her ability to make me happy. A woman that wants me in the same regards that I want her. I don?t want her to feel like she?s settling and I don?t want to feel like I?m settling. As far as dating, I really don?t date anymore. I?m looking for a wife. I guess I do date but yes, right now, I date according to what I?m looking for in a wife because that?s what I want right now.
Bachelor #5 response:
Basically, I?m looking for someone whose absolutely selfless and committed to our relationship. She?s about the business of us being and staying together. Committed to me, respects me, loves me and all of my flaws, beautiful perfect flaws.

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