Question 16: What is Love?

Bachelor #1 response:
I honestly don?t know what love is. Me personally, I thought I did, but I don?t. right now, nothing has moved me, no woman that I have ever met have moved?me?to where I can say the earth stopped. Where my heart stopped and skipped a few beats. I think my marriages were basically an infatuation. I think it was a fantasy of what I thought a marriage should be, what I thought a relationship should be, based on what I grew up around, what I saw, based on my grandparents, my parents, I think that?s what I had envisioned in my mind. What it should be. Get a certain age, get married, have kids, boom. And live happily ever after. Truly what love is right now, I really don?t know.

Bachelor #4 response:
Love is not a definable word in my vocabulary. Love is not a word it?s a feeling. And you can not define a feeling. Love is something to experience; it?s not something to explain.

Bachelor #5 response:
It?s over rated. I really don?t know how to define love. You have the Shakespearian type love.?Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou.?You? know all that good old?romantic tragedy where you both kill each other because you can?t have each other, then you have the Hollywood romance or Hollywood love where they overcome all adversities and trials and tribulations and everything always ends happily ever after with the 3 kids the dog, and the house in the suburbs. See those don?t necessarily equate to love. There was a situation where there was a couple I use to know, and I heard this information second hand, but the mother didn?t like the husband, they ended up getting into a financial situation and lost their home. They left where they were living, came back to Rochester and gonna stay with the mother. The mother said, the daughter and the kids could stay in her home, but because she didn?t like the husband, the husband couldn?t stay. So the wife, could?ve stayed in the home very comfortable, but?she told her mother the children can stay in the home, but?if my husband isn?t welcomed in your home, my place is with my husband and they proceeded to sleep in the car that night. Whatever the situation was, she stood by her husband. Which is what a good wife does. That?s love. That?s love and respect and that?s the type of relationship I want. Where it?s not about how people perceive what you do, but your thoughts are always how you can look out for me and my family and my thoughts are always how I can look out for you and our family.

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