Question 15: Body talk, do men really try to interrupt things this way?

Bachelor #1 response:
Body language, yes. Cause the average woman,?knows what she be doin. You know they thow a little extra twist on it, they throw a little cleavage out there so basically they know what they gon do. And the average brother is basically reading the body language, and the same with the sistas they know exactly what a brother’s all about within the first 15-30 minutes. They know exactly what?s gon take place on the date. They know all this?is?basically predetermined. Before you even pick each other up. And the average brother can tell when he goes to pick a woman up for a date based on what?s she?s got on what?s gon go on that night. Say for instance, if you?re invited over to the house for a movie or something, and she has on a sweat suit, it?s on, cause it?s easy accessible, easy in and out of. Somebody upstairs, oops just pull em right back up but if you wear some tight jeans, that?s hard to get out of but a sweat suit and the first thing you say is well I?m home I just want to be comfortable you be like yeah a?ight, no problem. Same thang with a skirt. And Cause half of ema don?t do nothing but have on a thong underneath. And with a skirt, you don?t truly half to take it off, you just pull it up,?smack it,?flip it, you can rub it down if you wanta.

Bachelor #4 response:
Of course. Everything has a reason and?a purpose. I think most men look for a woman to do something or show them some sign of interest that is read solely on body talk unless they?re just bold and say I?ma just go over there and holla. Most dudes look for something to go on and that?s for everything. If they decide they want to go in for the kiss, they look for the body language of the woman to see if that?s a good or bad move. Same thing with sex, if I think I can try to have sex with her tonight and she?s not going to try to kill me or if she might even be willing, I?m going to determine that based on her actions and her body talk over the course of our previous date or telephone conversation or what have you.

Bachelor #5 response:
Sometimes, it can be real overt and then sometimes it can be just very obvious. They say that there?s certain signs that?let you know that a woman is interested in you. If you?re sitting across from a woman and she crosses her leg and the foot that she has dangling is pointed in your direction, that?s suppose to be a sign that she?s attracted to you. If your sitting next to her and she?s leaning towards you, it?s suppose to be a sign that she?s interested, if she?s leaning away from you that means that she?s ready for whatever. But if she?s sitting and she has her foot pointed toward you, that?s suppose to mean like come hither. But a lot of times, it could just be her natural mannerism and it might not have anything to do with you. But a man being a man, he just have to go ahead and take that plunge. What?s the worst that could happen, she could tell you no. Until she starts taking off clothes, there are no definite signs. Until the clothes actually come off, you?re still guessing.

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