Question 14: Do men like to be rescuers (Damsels in distress)?

Bachelor #1 response:
The old man yes, the new man no. the old man was you know he wanted to be that I?m a rescuer I?m gon be that knight in shining armor, I ?ma save her, I?ma help her out with this, I ?ma help pay her bills, I?m do this?and that for her. The new brothers, like oh no, she can rescue me. She can spend her paper on me, she can buy me a car, let me drive around in her car, let me live in her apartment, let me spend her money. Now is that being a punk, not necessarily, it?s basically tryin to be a player on the down low, he figures if she want to be a big baler, let her.

Bachelor #2 response:
The damsel in distress mode, the hero. The bottom line is, that society says, part of a man?s role is not only to provide for her but to protect her where she?s broken, he pulls up, he changes her flat tire and stuff like that.

Bachelor #4 response:
Yeah. Anything that feeds the ego a man likes to do. If they can feel like they?re being a man by coming to the rescue of a woman and providing for her, then by all means, they?re gonna do it. Cause that?s like hitting a home run or scoring a touch down, that?s like bragging rights. I don?t think most men go about it in the proper fashion, but that?s something every man wants to be a rescuer. Hell I love being a rescuer. I mean, if you do something for somebody as far as being a rescuer, your pleasure and joy should come from doing something for someone else. Not the ability to throw something back in their face or what have you. I think most men nowadays do things just so they can hold something over a woman?s head, have leverage over them, a bargaining chip almost and I think that?s not the proper fashion. The proper fashion would be to do it?entirely just to do something for someone else.

Bachelor #5 response:
Some. I think real men step in, they see a problem, they fix the problem. I think the guy that looks for the damsel in distress?or always trying to be that rescuer, may have some issues. If that?s what he gets his charge from, he?s probably one of those guys that looks for women that he makes a lot more money. He works at Xerox and she works at Wendy?s because he knows they gon always need him. That?s scary. But if your woman is in trouble, you should be there beyond a shadow of a doubt, but your woman shouldn?t always be in trouble.

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