Question 13: Independent, self sufficient, great gook, great mom, great sex; what?s wrong with that?

Bachelor #4 response:
I don?t think there?s necessarily anything wrong with that. That sounds like perfection.

Bachelor #5 response:
What?s missing, there?s nothing wrong with that, but what?s missing is great communicator, great wife potential and great wife does not mean she has great sex or she?s a great cook but what about financially astute, what about willing to compromise, willing to take charge when necessary, willing to back down when necessary, sometimes those things are extremely important. Then there?s a time when either person in the relationship has to step up, but there?s also the time when somebody needs to recognize this ain?t the time. Or maybe I should not coward down, but I should pick and choose my battles and this ain?t the time.

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