Question 12: What?s wrong with dating new millennium women?

Bachelor #1 response:
The new millennium woman is more independent and I think she?s really intimidating to the average woman. You know a brother wants to feel he?s in control of every aspect of the relationship financially, physically, mentally, spiritually and if he?s not, he?s intimidated. And I think that?s what?s wrong with the new millineum type woman. She?s independent, she can basically handle her own business and the average brother figure if she can handle her own business, what I need to start a business with her and the average brother won?t. There?s really nothing wrong with it, but I think the average woman today want both worlds. They won?t their independence but yet they still won?t brothers to open the doors for em, take em out to dinner and yet they quick to tell you they can handle their own. A woman has to be able to relinquish control and the average person can?t once you?ve been by yourself for such a long time, and the average woman that?s basically has a career and take handling her own business, she?s been by herself for so long, she?s set in her ways and it?s hard for her to relinquish some of that control and the average brother is trying to get it but he can?t because she?s quick to say I don?t need you to do nothing for me cause I can do it for myself.

Bachelor #4 response:
Seeing that I?m only 24 and I haven?t been through too many generations, so I?m only going on my perceptions and what I?m seeing, I think the new age woman, the new millennium woman is more concerned with her own personal gain with her own self being. Back in the day, you had women that were very comfortable with being at home, being moms and allowing a man by definition I guess, to take care of them. I think the new millennium of woman wants to take care of herself but know that a man is able to take care of her at least a real woman. Then you have the other breed of woman that most woman nowadays, they only want a man that have. I think back in the day, a woman was more susceptible to deal with a guy that made her happy if he had the potential to maybe one day bring something to the table. A woman now wants you to have everything that they ever wanted before they really decide to get with you.

Bachelor #5 response:
Besides for their smart ass mouths, in past generations, you had women that were dedicated to their children, to their families and had a sense of hope. They had a sense of hope that they were going to find their husbands and have their children with their husbands. You had a sense of women wanting their children to be the best and the brightest and now you have a plethora of blended families where men are meeting women that already have a ton of kids and they don?t have no control of the kids, and then you have the men that are coming into the situation where they already have 3 kids, dating somebody that has 3 kids and you have absolute kayos. Because a lot a times, that woman didn?t have established relationships with the kids fathers, one of the fathers still want to come by every now and then and get his thing wet and that was fine up until she met this new guy and now there?s conflict there and most men don?t really like conflict. You have some that because they don?t have nothing else going on in there lives don?t mind getting in a nice scrap every now and then, but men that have stuff going on in their lives, generally don?t want to do that and I think overall there?s a general sense of hopelessness. I think now you have women that are just willing to accept anything and consider it their fate rather than take the bull by the horn and make some serious hard decisions on what their willing to accept and what they?re willing to throw out as trash and until that happens, there?s always going to be that apathetic ?what can I do about it, I can?t change it?, that whole thing about accepting what ever comes their way, they were going to keep spiriling down hill and can?t afford to go any further down, because now, it?s not about bettering themselves, it?s about finding a baller. It?s evident in our music. We got a woman right now talking bout she wants a soldier, she needs a solder, the problem I got with that is she grew up in the suburbs of Houston, the subbubrs of Houston, talking bout she needs a soldier. So the music she?s singing, is going out to these urban areas where these young ladies are embracing it, because you got this beautiful talented singer telling her she needs a soldier, who ain?t scared to ride out for her, who ain?t scared to take a bullet for her, so now these young ladies are hearing this foolishness, the young men are hearing this foolishness so now they want to be a soldier who ain?t scared to ride out for his down ass chick or for his thug misses and now he runs out, he got to keep his heart right and his chest all pumped out and you got these fools out here killing each other over nothing because they want to be the thug. They better get real, that ain?t what?s happening. If you want to stay on the bottom, that?s the quickest way to do it, but all the folks that?s singing this mess it as the top they not scrappin for crumbs. She didn?t get there by missing class, missing voice lessons, her boyfriend didn?t get there by not practicing, not doing everything he could to stay dedicated to his cause, but we believe that somehow, we can all have these miraculous lifestyle by not doing the work and that?s not gon happen. That?s that sense of hopelessness

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