Question 10: What are some effective communication techniques both sexes should know?

Bachelor #1 response:
Being honest, keeping it real. That would be the best communication. Say what you mean, mean what you say so basically talking. A woman should be upfront right from the giddyup. Cause the average person knows exactly what they want within 10 /15 minutes into a relationships or conversation I should say, not a relationship. The average woman know within 15/20 minutes whether or not she want to give the man some. She know within the first 15 minutes whether he?s relationship material or not. Wether she?s feelin him on that level, she knows this, but the average person won?t just come out and ask. You know where we headin with this? And the average female feel if they don?t play the game they go lose it right away and it?s hard to lose something you ain?t got yet.?Tell him, whatever?s troubling her she need to just tell em. In all honesty and I know this sounds childish, but sometimes a woman should just write a letter and sit down and give it to him and let him read it. And then wait for a response after the fact. That way she ain?t got to say nothing that way if he don?t respond in the right way, it?s time to step off.

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