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I?ve come to realize that men are real big about ?Ego?s? and how much a man?s ego comes into play when it comes to dating and relationships. I?ve learned that men really are looking for a woman who shows she has morals and values and when she doesn?t then he?s game to take the ride, but he knows he?ll be getting off no matter what and moving on to another one. Women have come to believe if they say no, then they?ll be missing out on what could be a great relationships but in the words of some of my bachelor?s, you can?t miss out on what you never had, and if you tell him no and he leaves, then he never was ?mister right?. In my own personal reflection about?my past?relationships, I too felt the same way that some women have about being “too difficult” or?thinking I was pre-judging him. I thought if I?said no too early, I?might?miss out on giving him a chance and seeing if things would change or if he would eventually show me what I was?looking for. In the end,?he turned out to be mister wrong anyway.
His ego comes into play if he feels she?s dating either too many men or she?s dating someone he knew. Men like to feel she?s learning from him. He?s first, the conqueror and if he can?t, then it doesn?t feed his ego and therefore, he can?t be serious about her. I?ve come to understand there are something?s that just make up our psyche. Who we are as designed to be and at some point, we?have to just admit it and realize there are some things we must?learn to accept and not understand or change. I?m not saying we need to agree to them, but if we?re looking to establish a relationship, we need to understand there are many people who are designed very differently than you. There are some things that?are hard for us to change?like how some women are more emotional, nurturing etc. It?s hard for women to turn off these emotions. I?m not saying it?s impossible, just hard. A man is like a kid. They?ll keep on trying you to see if you let him get away with it. If you do, then cool, but once you do, he?ll never consider you as a serious candidate to take home to momma. One of the bachelor?s shared with me you can tell that he?s not serious with you because he?ll go to all of your company parties, even some of your family gatherings, but he?ll never ask you to come over his parents house or to his functions. You?re good enough to go to his functions, but not to his. A man won?t let you into his world or his heart unless he?s serious about you and when he is, you?ll know because he?ll tell you and he?ll back it by showing you. He?ll do what he says he?s going to do. If you?re still wondering if he is serious or if he doesn?t make any promises to you and kept them, then trust me, he ain?t! He?ll let you be Ms. Right Now, knowing that you?re not Mrs. Right. He won?t commit to anything. He?ll make you think he?s committing to what you?re saying without him actually saying it. Take for instance, you ask him what type of relationship you guys have and he says he?s just ?chillin, taking it one day at a time, trust me, that?s all he is going to be doing. You?ll be in a ?relationship? all by yourself. Some men believe there are two types of relationships. The wife and everybody else. Women however need to know what type of relationship it is: Are you platonic friends, booty call or get busy friends, are you dating or in a committed relationship where you are only intimate with each other while you?re working on ?building or establishing? something more, are you engaged or are you married. Some men won?t commit to any of these because they don?t believe in them. You either are, or you aren?t. Now there are some men who believe in levels of relationships, but more not than are.

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