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If I Can’t Be the Cake,?I Wont’ Be?The Crumz!grandma

My name is Delbra Brown and I live in Rochester, New York. Although I was born and raised here in Upstate New York, my family is from the South. My grandmother, as in many African American families, is the head of our family. Even at 93 years young, she?was still a driving force for us all. Like most families from the South, the elders like giving advice through the use of colloquialisms. My grandmother is a jokester, and she has always used these jokes and sayings to steer us in the right direction. When it came to love and life, she would tell?us ?First Month Sugar, Second Month Pie, Third Month Go to Hell, Damn You and Die?. When I got older and started dating, she used to always tell me??If I Can?t Be the Cake,?I Wont’ Be?the Crumbs.???I did not understand the meaning of those sayings until I got older and experienced the cycle of relationships first hand.me and grandma

As the oldest granddaughter, I feel compelled to share my grandmother?s wisdom with others. I found her sayings to be more than just a comical way of looking at relationships. They taught me how to value myself, and how to not settle for less in?love and?in life. Cake Chronicles is a sweet way for?people to evaluate what they want in life, and especially in love. Cake Chronicles enhances the concept of the 80/20 Rule for Relationships by using?Cake Batter, Cake Pops, Cup Cakes, Cakes, Icing, and even the Crumbs.

Why Cake, you ask? Everyone loves a good cake, but they really love a Great Cake and a relationship is?just like a Great Cake.?You have to have the right ingredients. You can’t bake a cake with just two or three ingredients, and you can’t establish a happy relationship with the wrong ingredients. So if you are in a relationship or waiting on Prince Charming, take the Cake Chronicles 80/20?Challenge to see if you have the right ingredients for a healthy, happy relationship! My goal is to help clients engage in a healthy lifestyle by identifying the things that can and cannot be controlled in their lives, in an effort to increase the knowledge, motivation, and skill needed to attain the goals they set for themselves. My goal is to help the client identify and employ more adaptive ways of coping with stress, to ensure they remove any barrier that hinders them from achieving their goals.

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  1. I took the 80/20 challeng. During that time I learned some great dating tips. I would recommend the challenge for anybody needing some extra coaching in the department of love and life.

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